Defecography Procedure Chair

Developed in conjunction with radiographers and manual handling advisors in the NHS

In 2019 we were approached by the Manual Handling department of an acute NHS Hospital in the South West of England. Having supplied the trust with commodes and bespoke medical devices over the years, they were sure that we could solve a safety issue that had been an ongoing concern in the Medical Imaging department.

Whilst managing the safe handling of patients undergoing a Proctogram, a defecography procedure. The Medical Imaging team found that there didn’t seem to be an ideal product that offered suitable falls risk prevention for the patient. The product that they were forced to use was not only unstable but extremely challenging for the patient to access and egress safely and ensure stability throughout the procedure.

Proctogram Chair

The picture (right) shows the original equipment has no arm rail or attached step to enable the patient to access the chair. We can also see a crudely attached copper plate, required to improve attenuation.

From this initial brief, our R&D team set about designing a chair that would meet the criteria of safety, functionality and reliability. We not only stopped there though. By liaising with imaging teams here and in other hospitals we were able to identify that the ideal chair needed to be (see below):

  1. Safe to access – Hand rail mountable on either side with access step
  2. Immovable when in use & positional for storage – fitted with 2 rear castors and rubber braked front supports
  3. Multi-functional – Rotating seat & back for anteroposterior imaging
  4. Copper plates can be mounted either side of the raised aperture seat – to improve attenuation and for ease of chair placement in smaller imaging rooms
  5. Liquid fillable seat – to reduce magnification
  6. Removal back for AP imaging

Dimensions – Model No. 3001

Width 450mm / 18”
Height 1190mm / 47”
Height – floor to top of seat 805mm / 32”
Height – platform step to top of seat 555mm / 22”
Height – floor to top of platform step 250mm / 10”
Hand rail height 1200mm / 47”
Hand rail width 330mm / 13”
Folding footplate width 305mm / 12”
Overall length 840mm / 33”

By meeting the above requirements, Roma was able to develop the Proctogram chair which has now been adopted by many Imaging Departments in the NHS.

Proctogram Chair

Designed & Manufactured in Great Britain