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Mobility Scooters – Roma Medical

Our extensive range includes three types of mobility scooters to choose from –

Compact – Designed for easy transportation to shops and leisure areas and are ideal for indoor use in confined spaces.  View all.

Mid-Size – Designed for more substantial use than the mini compact scooters, they are still transportable and can travel over rougher terrain with an increased travel range and higher load.  View all.

Heavy Duty – Designed for heavy daily use and are capable of carrying larger weights over longer distances, generally alleviating the need for them to be transported. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.  View all.

Browse our selection below to find the perfect Scooter to meet your needs.


Roma Granada


Mid Size Scooters

Roma Tulsa


Shoprider Cadiz


Heavy Duty Scooters

Shoprider Girona


Shoprider Grande

Mid Size Scooters

Roma Sorrento

Compact Scooters

Shoprider Whisper