5710 : Roma Daleside Overbed Table


1. Single handed, angle adjustable table top
2. Adjustable in height, width and angle
3. Extension piece (AC93) allows table to be used over a 1.5m bed
4. Reversible side table for right or left hand use
5. Fitted with 4 locking brake castors
6. Safety locking device to avoid over extension
7. Attractive laminate top with beech finish

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Model No. 5710 Weight of Product 12.5KG
Depth 49cm Maximum Weight Capacity 15KG
Table Width 90cm
Frame Width 72-122cm
Height 70-91cm


14 reviews for 5710 : Roma Daleside Overbed Table

  1. Amanda K.

    Nice and sturdy does the for for my father in law with Parkinsons.

  2. Nikki

    Needed a table to go over a double bed while recovering from ankle surgery. This was excellent and allowed me to eat, work etc. My bed is on a solid block so has no space under it, so I could not use a table that needed to slot under the bed: this was great as the frame runs alongside the bed, not under it. Very pleased with this invaluable item.

  3. J. Fancote

    This is an extremely good table. It is well produced and easy to assemble. The tilting section is ideal for using a laptop. Also the castors have brakes. I would recommend this to anyone looking for this type of table.

  4. Joni

    This is an excellent product easy to assemble, however, I still have not sorted the side table from left to right side, the table also needs 2 people to make adjustments to height,.delivery was amazing fast and hassle free. Would definitely recommend.

  5. Mrs. P. A. Porter

    This table has been an absolute Godsend to me – recently broke my hip and had other majore problems, and it has been so useful for putting everything within reach including my laptop. The tilting main table is perfect for using the laptop, or reading or writing.

  6. c a ballinger

    sturdy,well balanced and moves easily on the 4 castors. it has a large surface area that wipes clean. The colour is modern and the assembly easy. The table tilts enabling the user to be able to read or write at a comfortable angle. I also think the table is good value for money and the delivery was quick and efficient.

  7. Cork

    This is an excellent buy. Purchased on behalf of my father for use with rise & tilt chair. Perfect! Can now use his ipad and read newspapers in comfort. No lower horizontal bar to impede the workings of the chair or his mobility. Easy to assemble. Quality materials. Highly recommended. I placed order on Wednesday and table was delivered to Ireland by courier on Tuesday. Very pleased with purchase.

  8. Mark Tittcomb

    Five stars – Top quality

  9. mike wright

    chose this product as I thought it would suit my needs. I was not disappointed, so I gave it a 5* rating. this is suitable for all ages as it fits around single chairs and beds. easy to assemble and is very solidly made.

  10. Amazon Customer – The Slowest Bookworm

    This is the best purchase I have made in years! I am only in my 40’s but have a problem with my neck. Most of my hobbies are done looking down, such as reading, using my tablet, crocheting and being able to raise these up to a better level and have them on a table has made such a difference. I no longer feel my shoulders and neck straining as I’m working on my crochet (I rest the item on the table and pull the table right up to me) and reading, playing on the tablet is so much easier with the table top tilted. I use it with a fireside style chair and it works well. I find it a little to high to eat at in comfort, but my chair is quite low.

  11. Charlie

    Please note this review is for a table brought from Mobility Smart.

    To begin with I bought it for a chair in my living room. I assembled the whole table without once getting out the chair on my own.

    When unpacking the table I knew immediately the table was going to be fine. To be honest I was taken aback by the sheer professionalism that went into the packaging, it really could not have been better.

    The first thing I lifted out the inner packaging was the table top. I initially put this across my lap and I thought wow. The quality of this table top had me excited. I couldn’t wait to assemble it now.

    Looking at the instructions I thought it looked a bit complex but soon I realised most of that was already assembled. The instructions still show where other screws go despite already being in place.

    As I started sliding tubing into other tubing and hearing clicks, I was astounded the whole table is just that. Slot tubes into other tubes, NO TOOLS needed. There is about 5 tubes to insert for the whole table to be in place. I screwed the wheels on before slotting the legs onto the table top. I did all of this on my lap.

    I then gently lowered it to the floor and stood it in front of me. The table top rocked a a bit and I thought “Ugh” but I carried on. I adjusted the table width to my chair and then twisted in the big handled screw things which keep the width at this setting. Tightening these also made the table top solid, no more rocking, even when trying by applying pressure.

    Lastly I place the side part of the table and found this complicated but I worked it out in the end. There is a small pouch with two allen keys in. I had to use one of these to tighten the side part, so if you liike you can class that as a tool, but it is right there with the table and still I did not have to leave my chair once.

    I think anybody will have fun putting this table together on their lap like I did. It really is a marvel every step of the way.

    There are zero manufacturing blemishes anywhere on the table, it is all pristine, The table is much bigger that the picture illustrates.

    The depth of the table and width is bigger than you will ever need it. As you lift it it to tilt it, the mechanism clicks very sweetly and the table is as solid as it is when flat regardless of angle. I looked behind it to find a way to put it flat again and all the perfectly engineered metal is encased in a plastic cover. It not only looks great, it all operates amazingly smoothly. To lay the table flat again I just had to tilt it fully upwards and the locking mechanism automatically moved out the way. The metal rod at the top is there to hold as you lower the table top.

    I have already told people I would have gladly paid over double the money I bought this table for if I knew the quality of the table. The table is faultless, it exceeded my expectations tenfold and there are so many possibilities for it.

    A note about the company I bought the table from, wow. They certainly take massive pride in their products and rightly so, they care very much about the customer. Where else have you seen the delivery note asking the courier to be extra patient at the door when delivering this table because many of their customers are disabled? I have never seen it before receiving my table. Delivery time was two days and the outer packaging was flawless. No dents, it felt solid and there was no movement in the packaging at all when moving it. It looked very neat.

    The whole product from delivery, the packaging to the table itself is the highest quality you could ask for. There is no way you you can find better quality or better service. I am truly astounded. This makes the £100.45 I paid for it a bargain. I initially looked at other tables and then I saw this one with 5 perfect scores. I read the reviews and it was enough. I ordered straight away and I do not hesitate to be be the 6th reviewer giving a perfect score.

    I knew as I was assembling tye table I would be writing this review. It would have been an absolute crime not to. I will be looking at further products by Roma Medical and by Mobility Smart.

    An amazing buy.

  12. Ken Bolton

    Item arrived in one day which was a surprise, easy to assemble and is good quality. I purchase a lot of disability products and most are exhorbitant prices, but I regard this as good value for money.

  13. Steve Thorpe

    Ordered Sunday, delivered Tuesday morning, well packaged.

    I have been looking for something like this for some time now for my mother to use over her arm chair. This table fits nicely over the chair arms and is quite solid once everything is tightened.

    Assemby only takes a few minutes, although the assembly instruction are not the best I’ve come across. Most of it is common sense though.

    The main table top tilts, which is a help for those with dexterity and visual problems….. and as it tilts, stops it being used to store everything !

    Overall it is an excellent product, I strongly recommend it for anyone looking for either an over chair or over bed table.

  14. Tannoyted

    The table was dispatched very quickly and with me in just two working days.

    The finish of the table is good, solid and easy to clean. No need to follow instructions for my friend who put this together in about 20 mins. It was not clear from the picture how this looks when in place. It says the table top can be placed on either side, but you need to think through which side you want it to be on, or have it in the middle of a double bed.

    The framework is sturdy and all the holes line up well, which is good for hight adjustment. If you have ever been in hospital and had a table over your bed, this is not the same method at all. The legs straddle the entire bed, so it does not easily move away from the bed. The casters are of good quality too, and I am able to pull and push this table with ease.

    I am using this with a slight incline to use my laptop in bed (I am bed bound, not lazy!) and there is probably just enough room for two 15″ laptops to lay side by side. There is a solid block of smooth curved wood at the front, and at the back is a metal handle with enough room to gather up any cables together and run them away from the table top and across to the frame work.

    Make sure you measure your bed carefully. I have a 4′ wide bed with safety rails either side. I removed the rails on one side a long time ago, but I don’t think the frame would have gone over both rails. If you have a bed without rails you will be fine.

    Lastly, the legs of the frame run in parallel to the bed, not tucked away under the frame. This is good for me, as I store various objects below the bed frame. I did catch my ankle on the frame the first time I got out of bed, but not since I noted where the legs rested.

    Hope this review is useful to potential buyers.

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